What is VoIP?
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:47 am    Post subject: What is VoIP? Reply with quote

I was advised to use the services of a company that deals with digital communications, IP telephony and VoIP. I am not very familiar with this topic, but still really want to optimize the communication of clients with my company. What do you advise? Who already uses these services in their work?
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:55 am    Post subject: What you prefer? Reply with quote

For more than 7 years I have been connecting and configuring cloud IP-telephony, as well as in a simple way, I’ll inform the business environment of what it is and what it is for.
My main area of ​​activity is virtual telephone numbers. They are “international IP-telephony”, they are “SIP-telephony”, they are “city numbers”, they are also “cloud PBX”, they are also “virtual or remote call center”.
Work with real mobile numbers
First option. For example, you have a local online store (local means in your city / country) and several mobile numbers / phones that are lying on your table in random order. Which of course is very inconvenient. And here the question arises of the need to reduce all these calls into one convenient environment, so that it is possible to keep statistics conveniently and distribute these calls to managers.

To do this, you need a virtual PBX and SIP gateways, where you put SIM cards and can make calls from your mobile network to the Internet. A virtual PBX is so called because it is located on the Internet on a server. This is not a big room like this with telephone equipment. SIP gateways are a device into which a SIM card is inserted, and calls are converted from the mobile network to the Internet and vice versa.
And in the case of such a store there are 2 options:

You can rent gateways together with automatic telephone exchange.
And you can put your equipment (gateways and server).
Both options have the right to life, and both have their pros and cons.

To rent everything is the easiest option. You pay the rent and support of your provider is in charge of all other issues. On the other hand, the functionality of such a PBX may not suit you, you can also worry about the security of your calls, and support is not always adequate and can resolve all issues promptly.
If you want to have full control, if you need your unique functionality, then your option is to install your custom PBX and your equipment. The obvious minus is that you always need to have a specialist (VOIP admin) on hand who will set up your system and support its functioning (and this is usually not a cheap pleasure). By the way, in this option it is also possible to use a remote server with a virtual PBX, instead of a server that is in the form of a system in your office. And as practice shows, a remote server is always more reliable and simpler. Since no one will hook him or turn him off at the most important moment.
How will all this look for your managers?
They will sit at computers with headsets and, through a special program, receive incoming and outgoing calls. You will have statistics on calls, recording conversations, setting up an answering machine, a smart script for receiving and distributing calls to managers, etc. ... And many more goodies.
Remote Call Center Organized Using IP Telephony
Plus, telephony can be connected to the CRM system - and you already get the auto client definition, order card, and so on.
Virtual numbers for a remote office or representative office in another country.
The second main option - you want to sell something abroad (services / goods), you want to open a representative office there, etc. Especially relevant for export-import companies.

In this case, a virtual landline or mobile number in the required country will help you.
How does a virtual number work?
Let's say you want to open your representative office in the UK. You are renting a virtual number in London. In format and dialing it, it does not differ in any way from the usual city number in London, and this is its meaning. Local customers will call him and not even know that your managers are sitting somewhere in the suburbs. Unless, of course, your managers simply know English) You can also make outgoing calls through your London number to your customers in the UK, and throughout the world.
A virtual telephone exchange through which your numbers will work will allow you to configure call forwarding scripts for every taste and for any business task:

answering machine at night
hours of receiving incoming calls
internal short numbers of employees
call recordings
call statistics
and much more…
Remote call center.
How is a call center different from a simple virtual phone number?

By default, the number comes with 2 communication channels (dedicated telephone lines). Those. in simple words: 2 of your managers will be able to simultaneously communicate with customers. But you can buy an almost unlimited number of channels (you will soon run out of financial opportunities than the number of connected channels))). And this will turn out to be a full-fledged call center. Put 50 managers (operators) on computers and they will be able to process a large number of simultaneous calls to one number.
How to make the cost of a virtual number pay off?
It is often not enough just to buy a virtual number and set up a PBX so that customers come precisely through this sales channel. The service provided by the company is important. Otherwise it will be like in a joke about a pimple girl and a marketing strategy)

That is why we want to share our vision of service and customer service. All talk about him, but few in reality render it to customers. And telephony is directly related to customer service, even remote, even local.
For the vast majority of companies, service is a service (aka support or support) - these are answers to customer questions at best. For example, for telecom providers, it looks like this (we give these examples, since we ourselves have extensive experience in this area):

“Is there a UK number?” - "There is".
“You can set up call forwarding to your phone” - “You can, refer to the manual at this link ....".
“My spam goes to my number ...” - “Is it spam, it's fi ... nya, not spam”
“Outgoing calls do not work” - “On our side, calls are successful, look for the problem at home”
And so on in that spirit. So DO NOT have to answer customers!

The very semantics of “support service” implies more than just avoiding an answer or a monosyllabic answer to a question. It means supporting the client, helping him with questions and problems. Ideally, a solution to his problems.

That is why we pay special attention to customer service. This is our chip and advantage. How should support be carried out ideally?
What are the parts of an ideal service?
Consultation or consulting before connecting the service. It is necessary not only to answer the question whether you have such a service and how much it will cost. It is necessary to clarify with the client his tasks in order to offer the most optimal option for the price and effectiveness.
We carry out all the settings for the client according to call forwarding scenarios. As the saying goes, the client only needs to pay - we will do the rest for him. No shipments to manuals.
Full support and assistance on all issues and tasks of clients, even if these issues are not entirely related to us. For example, the client cannot configure the SIP client on his computer. This is not de facto our task, as this SIP client belongs to a third party. But we help him in most cases (if possible) what and how best to configure. Because if he cannot do this with us, he will go to those who help him in this.
Improving your customer’s business performance. If we see something that could be improved in the client’s settings, we always tell him about it. For example, which redirect scenario will be most effective for client tasks.
As a support service, we know that our goal is to solve the problems of the client and make him happy, and his business effective. After all, it helps us to grow and develop.
Response time to customer request.
An important point is the speed of responses to customer requests.

You need to answer as quickly as possible. As fast as you can. Thus, you can beat the competition.

And even if you can’t give an answer instantly right now, write to your client right away that you are solving his question and contact him soon. It is important that the client knows that his question is being resolved, and not just that the turn has not yet reached him.

I will be glad to answer your additional questions in the comments to the post.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Recently, many people have expressed the opinion that the services of multi-channel numbers or VoIP are already in the past. But in reality, many companies can not do without these services to this day. In particular, my company uses the services of HotTelecom, which have long become the giants of this market. It is very convenient that the company provides a very wide range of services and countries served. By the way, about the issue of ro is a "beautiful" number, you can contact here
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 10:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 3:50 am    Post subject: شركة تعقيم بالرياض مؤسسة المنزل Reply with quote

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